Luva Marketing 2022 Recap

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Luva Marketing 2022 Recap

A Quick Recap of 2022 at Luva

Luva marketing offers bespoke digital solutions for all businesses, B2B and B2C. We are a digital consultancy based in the North West and work with businesses throughout the UK and beyond. Let’s take a quick look at the last 12 months.

Luva Marketing Celebrated 5 Years

Luva Marketing Feature Image

Fifth year anniversary achieved. It’s gone too fast. Time flies when you love what you do!

Tom Celebrated 1 Year

Helen and Tom at Luva Marketing

In 2022, Tom celebrated one year at Luva. Tom handles all of our clients’ social media, design work & websites. Tom creates websites from scratch, from the design and build to bespoke graphics and animation.

Websites, Websites & More Websites

Luva Marketing Websites

This year websites have gone crazy for Luva! We now design and build all our websites in house, which our clients love.

“Luva helped educate us on the importance of the customer journey and how our pages needed to be redesigned to improve a better customer experience”

Does your business need a new website? We can help. Click here for our website design.

Design Work

Luva Marketing Design Work

Design work is integral to our success. Clients’ requests include: social media content, eBrochures, prospectus design, powerpoint presentations, branding and logo design.

Keep your eyes peeled for our design announcement coming early next year!

Marketing Consultancy

Luva Marketing Consultancy. Digital Marketing Consultant Services.

Marketing consultancy has become a key service thanks to our clients. We have seen an increase in demand for ongoing expert marketing advice, without the need to recruit a marketing director in-house.

“Luva’s knowledge and experience of marketing and managing clients shines through. How they support and help a start-up business like ourselves is invaluable”.

Feeling stuck with your marketing efforts? Our expert consultancy can get you back on track. Click here to learn more.

Thank You from Helen

Luva Marketing LinkedIN Business Header

“A HUGE thank you to our loyal client base. You are a joy to work with and keep us on our toes! Lots of exciting news coming in the New Year. We can’t wait to share this with you. Wishing you a healthy, happy Christmas and New Year”.

– Helen Collins.

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