How To Reply To A Negative Google Review

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How to Respond to a Negative Google Review


How to Reply to Negative Google Reviews

Through no fault of your own, your business might receive negative reviews. In this tutorial we’ll show you our favourite tips on how to respond to negative reviews.

Step One: Our first step in replying to negative reviews, is to first figure out if the review is real or fake.

If you suspect the negative review is fake, we recommend replying to the review with something along the lines of:

“Hi…, thank you for leaving a review. We currently have no record of your dealing with our business. Please phone us on: “……” so we can look into this matter further”.

Step Two: In the text field below your review, it will allow you to then post your response to the client. Once typed, click Post Reply.

Never get personal and argue back with your customer, no matter what is listed in the review. This will reflect badly on your business and will deter future customers from leaving you a review.

Step Three: Apologise to the customer if appropriate.

For example, if the criticism in the review was that you missed an appointment.

The reply could be: “Hi…., thank you for leaving us a review. I’m very sorry we missed your appointment yesterday. We will prioritise you and reschedule you for tomorrow”.

Step Four: Address the criticism in the review with facts.

For example:

“We have one worker off sick at the moment and couldn’t make it. Please get in touch and we promise to resolve this”.

Step Five: Resolve the situation offline.

If you find one particular customer is being confrontational, we recommend instead of trying to remedy the problem in the review, resolve it offline.

“We are concerned by the points raised in this review. Please get in contact with us at “….” so we can resolve this for you. We have tried to contact you to discuss”.

Step Six: After the bad review is resolved, ask the customer to kindly delete or re-write the review if the problem has been resolved.

If you have resolved the issue with the customer, get in touch with them and ask politely if they would be inclined to delete or re-write the review.

Step Seven: If they don’t delete the review, encourage more reviews from your other customers.

We recommend encouraging reviews from your other customers to dilute the impact of the negative ones that may be present on your profile.

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